The Safest Baby Cribs: Tips for New Parents

picture of a baby cribYour infant’s safety is a top priority. When you purchase baby furniture, it can be hard to know which offers the most secure features that will keep your child healthy, happy and out of harm’s way. Also keep in mind the environment can be a factor. If you are interested in finding out how to make yours rank among the safest baby cribs, then read on for helpful tips to get started. Taking these easy precautions now can protect your child from dangers you may have not been aware existed in his or her bedroom.

Keep Cribs Out of Reach

The safest baby cribs should not be located near items your baby may grab or reach for. Even if he or she is still very young and not capable of mobility yet, these items can accidentally fall into the crib. Place the crib away from drapery, blinds, and other dangling wall hangings. Even a mini blind adjustment cord can pose a serious danger to an infant. Should the cord become wrapped around the baby, injury and death can result.
Power cords and outlets are another danger that should be positioned away from the crib. Infants grow fast and your little one will become stronger and able to roll and eventually crawl. Rather than discover this after they have pulled something into their crib, make a point to keep these items far out of reach.

The Family Pet

Dogs, cats and other animals are very common to find in homes with babies. There is nothing wrong with having a pet and an infant, as long as you are willing to take responsibility as a parent to keep each safe. Even the friendliest dog or cat may react differently when the strange, new cooing bundle comes into their home. The family pet may become curious, and wish to see what this little creature is. The safest baby cribs should be designed with this in mind.
Most infant beds, including the safest baby cribs, come with slats or spokes that have gaps in between each. Consider adding bumpers that can be secured along the inside of the crib walls. These will prevent your baby from rolling into the hard bars and also prevent Fido from sticking his nose between the bars where he could possibly nip little toes or fingers. All pet and baby interaction should be constantly supervised by an adult. This is not done out of fear of pets, but rather to keep both baby and the dog or cat safe.

There are a number of things that must be considered when creating the safest baby crib.  Aside from checking for a sturdy build, parents should also check for a solid locking mechanism on sliding sides. Cribs that have stationary sides should also be checked for damaged or missing bars. Make sure you have covered all the possible dangers long before your new baby comes home. Many new parents discover that no matter how many unique features your crib offers, diligence is what truly makes the safest baby cribs.

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