How to Find Discount Cribs in your Area

Pitcure of a Discount Baby CribDiscount cribs are a great way to save money before your new infant comes home. However, finding the best prices can be a challenge. Some people are afraid of ordering such a large item over the internet. You will have to pay more for shipping and handling, plus it could get pricy if you have to return the item and pay the shipping for that as well. Before you give up, learn the best ways to find discount cribs for sale near you!

Second Hand Savings

Second hand stores are a great way to find discount cribs, if you don’t mind reusing someone’s discarded baby furniture. In many cases, used cribs are in nearly-new condition. Once a baby outgrows the crib, it must be replaced no matter how new it is. Some parents choose to get rid of the crib rather than storing it. You can find excellent discount cribs this way, as long as you are selective about the used crib you buy. Also make a point to replace the mattress. Even if it is undamaged, a used mattress can retain bacteria and fungus that can be harmful to your newborn. For sanitary reasons, always buy a new crib mattress.

Classified Cribs

Many local newspapers offer classified ads that allow residents to post their old baby furniture for sale. This is a great way to find discount cribs that have been gently used. Even if you do not subscribe to the local newspaper, most now also offer an online version that allows visitors to review their list of classified ads for free. Find yours and start browsing, because this is often the best way to find the lowest priced discount cribs available. In most cases, you can make a counter offer.

Never pay for a used crib until you have seen it in person. Although a photograph is very helpful, it is still best to see the bed and check for weaknesses and wear. Cosmetic damage may not impact the crib’s functionality, however it could mean a lower offer should be made. Most of the time, a private seller is more flexible than any retailer would be when it comes to price.

Ask Around

If you have friends and relatives who have had children, ask them for suggestions on finding the best quality discount cribs. They might be able to direct you to a reliable second hand seller or other source. Plus, by getting the word out that you need one, you might even discover someone you know has had an old crib tucked away that they have been meaning to get rid of. That could mean a very inexpensive discount crib for you. Avoid a social faux pas and only ask for their suggestions, do not ask if they actually have a crib that they are willing to give you. If they do, your inquiry will most likely make them remember. If not, then they might be able to direct you to someone who does or another source to find the best discount cribs in your area!

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