Cheap Round Baby Cribs: An Elegant Alternative for your Infant

pciture of a round baby cribCheap round baby cribs offer parents a unique combination of elegance and price. While everyone else opts for the standard rectangular crib, do something different. You do not have to spend a lot to get a crib that stands out. Instead, know where to look to find cheap round baby cribs and discover the best ways to accent this uncommon design.

There are a number of places to find cheap round baby cribs other than the retailer. While you can purchase brand new models or have them custom made, doing so comes with a hefty price tag. Rather than overspend on the crib, try shopping second hand stores or classified ads. You may be surprised to find just how many people are trying to get rid of their children’s old cribs.

Babies grow fast and many used cribs are in perfect condition with only minimal wear and tear. Why not safe yourself hundreds of dollars by searching for cheap round baby cribs that have been gently used.

Cheap round baby cribs are unique because they really do not need much to look stunning. For example, take a crib with a dark wood grain and add a plain white sheet set with a few ruffles. The look is extremely elegant. If you prefer to add a hint of color, try a printed sheet or solid pink or blue. The wood grain goes with just about any hue you could want. What adds to the look of this type of crib is the shape. No matter what colors you choose, the round design will set it off beautifully.

Some parents love the rich look of a canopy paired with their cheap round baby cribs. Find a canopy that matches your child’s sheets. For a little contrast, consider tying the sides off with colorful ribbon. Even when using a white canopy, a solid colored ribbon or bow can make an eye-catching display.

Rather than a traditional canopy, try adding an arch to cheap round baby cribs. These can be accented much the same way as the canopy, with colorful ribbon woven around the arch. Always be careful about hanging things from the canopy or arch. Stick with ruffles or a ribbon that can be secured on rather than any objects that could accidentally fall into the baby’s sleeping area. This should be taken into consideration before making any alterations to cheap round baby cribs.

Fancy cribs are also available. Some include three dimensional relief angels or even carousel horses. If you plan to decorate your baby’s room in a theme, take this into consideration when browsing cheap round baby cribs. Find one that works well, or purchase one and modify it with some paints or other materials. You can create a unique crib that will make for an attractive room design. Save money with cheap round baby cribs then personalize them with canopies, arches or other accents. You can design a child’s room that you will be proud to include in your infant’s baby photographs.

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