Before you Buy Cheap Baby Cribs: The 5 Point Inspection

picture of a cheap baby cribIf you want to buy cheap baby cribs, then know how to look for quality merchandise. Price should not be the only thing considered when shopping for your infant’s bed. Make sure you not only get a low price, but a quality item that will safely accommodate your baby. No matter where you choose to buy cheap baby cribs, make sure you get a chance to see the merchandise in person. When doing so, perform this five point inspection before making the purchase.
Point 1: Appearance
As soon as you see the crib, its appearance will be the first thing you notice. Take a moment to look for chipping paint or nicks in the wood. A significant amount of abuse could indicate the crib was not properly handled when it was moved from one location to the next. This could also indicate a potential problem in how it functions. Although a few scratches and some wear are expected, if it is excessive you may want to look elsewhere.  You certainly do not want chipping paint or splinters next to your sleeping infant.
Point 2: Strength
Before you buy cheap baby cribs, always check the strength. Although a crib is not intended to support a grown adult, it should still be sturdy. Try moving the crib back and forth and get a feel for how solid it feels. If you noticed it wobbles and bends, this could indicate loose joints and screws. Although one could be tightened, a load bearing joint could pose a serious risk for your sleeping baby.  If you are not confident in the crib’s stability, then look elsewhere.
Point 3: Mechanisms
Most cribs have basic movement mechanisms on them. This is usually used to slide the side up and down for easy access. If the model you are looking at includes this type of mechanism, make sure you see it in action prior to making the purchase. The side should lock into place firmly without any risk of disengaging. Also make a point to lower and raise the side a few times. Feel for any sticking or jamming. When you buy cheap baby cribs, you should still get one that functions comfortably. Parents trying to place their infant into the crib should not have to wrestle to get the side to lower properly.
Point 4: Spokes
Take a good look at the spokes or slats that will be responsible for holding your baby in the crib. None should be missing and each should be snugly fitted into each slot. Also check the space between. You do not want gaps so big that a mobile baby could potentially slide his or her head through the spokes. All cribs should be designed with this in mind, however double checking for missing spokes is always recommended. Always buy cheap baby cribs that are fully intact, unless you know something about woodworking and plan to make the repair. This should also be reflected in the cost.
Point 5: Additional Features
If the crib is supposed to come with any additional features, check to make sure these are functioning properly as well. Features, such as wheels on the bottom, should be in good working order.  You can buy cheap baby cribs that are in great condition and offer your infant a safe place to rest. If you do not feel confident about the quality or stability of the crib, then keep shopping!

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