Are Cheap Baby Cribs Safe?

Picture of a cheap baby cribSome parents strongly believe that cheap baby cribs are not as safe as expensive ones. While the price range of all cribs is enormous, does cost really indicate a safer, more reliable crib? You might be surprised to learn that it is possible to find cheap baby cribs that will offer the same amount of protection for your sleeping baby as very expensive models. Learn more about both sides of the argument and decide whether or not cheap baby cribs are a good choice for your family’s newest addition.

What are you Really Paying For?

There is no cap on the price you can pay for a baby crib. Metal and designer models can cost into the thousands for parents willing to fork out that much cash for a bed. However, what are you really paying for when you choose these over cheap baby cribs? Well, start with the features. When you are spending that much money, the crib should include a few additional bonuses. This could be drawers or a canopy. Which features will vary from one model to the next. For the most part, you will not find these additions included in the price of cheap baby cribs.

You may also be paying for a brand name, which may be a nice thing if the manufacturer is reliable but not really a necessity for your baby.  That money could be better spent on other areas of child care. Metal baby cribs are almost always far more expensive than wooden versions. This is because metal is very sturdy and durable. If you are looking for a heavy duty crib, metal is a good way to go. Although hardwood can certainly stand up to regular use just as well. You may be paying for a crib that will last forever, but keep in mind your baby will grow fast and will not need his or her crib forever.

How to Find Cheap Baby Cribs that are Reliable

You can purchase cheap baby cribs that are reliable. While there are poorly made options out there that should be avoided at all costs, this should not deter you from trying to save a little money. The best way to find a balance between cost and quality is to research the cheap baby cribs you are considering prior to actually buying one. Review previous customer ratings and notes about the model you are interested in. Look for trends, both good and bad. Also review multiple sources, especially if you are using a retailer’s website or the manufacturer’s website as one of your resources. They may only post the positive reviews. Thankfully, there are many places online that offer unbiased information about products.

Cheap baby cribs can be just as reliable and sturdy as expensive models. The key is to do your homework and look for a trustworthy brand that offers a budget friendly crib. Save money that could be put into other areas, such as the changing table or daily necessities after your little one has finally come home.

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